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About Chi-Lel™ Qi Gong


Chi-Lel is the forerunner of Mind-Body Medicine today! Founded by Dr. and Grandmaster Pang Ming of China at the largest "medicine-less" Qigong hospital in the world. Chi-Lel means Chi Therapy (Zhineng or "intelligence qigong" in China) and is considered a high level of Qigong because it uses Dr. Pang's Mind Intention Technique. Chi-Lel...

  • Promotes longevity
  • Facilitates relaxation
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increases mental focus and memory

Dr. Pang derived Chi-Lel from many ancient forms of Qigong to produce a safe, easy, highly efficient and effective method of medical Qigong for chronic illness. In 1997, after ten years of researching the ancient Qigong secrets of China, the Chinese government declared Chi-Lel the national medical Qigong. The basic Chi-Lel practice is:

Mind (affirmations and visualizations)

Body (gentle movements that open all meridians)

Spirit (unified group intention and healing stories)

Chi-Lel has successfully healed over 180 "incurable" chronic illnesses. It has recieved 10 years of documented research at Dr. Pang's "medicine-less" hospital. It is also practiced by China's Olympic Teams and public schools.

Chi-Lel is a trademark by Luke and Frank Chan established in 1995 and is their version of Zhineng Qigong. They try to interpret Zhineng Qigong as closely as possible as they travel to China frequently to update the latest research. Visit www.chilel.com to learn more about their mission.

Also worthy of mention is Ginny Walden. Artist, musician, and visionary, Ginny, inspires all with her own personal healing journey. Discovering she had breast cancer in 1997, she began to unravel the patterns that contributed to her condition. During her medical treatment, she reached out to expression in art, her own depth of spirit, and the power of Chi-Lel medical Qigong to create healing. Ms. Walden trained in Beijing, China under seven top Chi-Lel Masters to become one of six Chi-Lel Master Teachers in the West. Since then, Ginny has taught the art of self-healing to thousands of people in Hawaii and world-wide. Visit www.blueskyhealingarts.com to learn more about Ginny's work.