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Master Jorgen

Meet our teacher, a certified Chi-Lel™ master offering treatments and lessons in Qigong and Reiki


The self-healing method prescribed by the world's largest "medicine-less" hospital, Chi-Lel™ medical Qigong has come to Hawaii


The Japanese healing art for stress reduction and relaxation


'CHI-mo' therapy success story!

"Very good news on my end: it worked - the tumor markers went way down! 3 are already back to normal and the MRT showed a 1/4 reduction of all 7 liver metastasis. I now also have in writing that the formerly osteolytic parts of my fractured vertebrae have notably begun to sclerose again. So it looks like my body really is in repair mode now. The radiologist wanted to know which chemo therapy I am taking. I am over the moon! Many mahalos for all your help and I hope to be back soon! Have a fantastic day!"

~ Julia (Germany)

"Myself and my family, including my 84-year-old mother have worked with Jorgen for several years now. The first time we worked with him was when my mother had been in the hospital and was in a very dire situation medically. After Jorgen worked with her she improved dramatically and went home from the hospital shortly thereafter. He worked with her a few times after that during her recovery and she felt he had a profoundly beneficial effect on her healing. I have also worked with Jorgen on many occasions since that time. Each time I have worked with him I have felt great effect and improvement with the issue at hand, but also my overall physical situation improved markedly; things like mood, overall vitality and quality of sleep.I highly recommend Jorgen and his brilliant work to anyone seeking support with a specific issue or simply for overall support of health and well-being."

- Jesse Pearson

"I was introduced to Chi-Lel Qigong in 2001 and it has been life-changing for me. I was suffering from Tinnitus caused by a round of antibiotics. I was in my 3rd month of extreme ringing in my ears, when an small publication fell on my lap about an alternative healing class called Chi-Lel taught by Ginny Walden. I did my 100 day gong with only the Pour Chi Up/Pour Chi Down method. Not only did the Tinnitus disappear but I found other areas of my life to be healing as well. After a time, when all was well, I fell away from doing the exercises out of just not finding the time to do 20 minutes a day. I'm older now and as other ailments have come on board, I have revisited Chi-Lel with Master Jorgen Mathisen. He has helped me tremendously through a shoulder injury and pneumonia and he has been very helpful spiritually as well. I have been reacquainted with Chi-Lel and I will never let it go again. The more you do, the stronger you will be in building your chi and keeping health issues at bay. I cannot express enough the feeling and security of peace Chi-Lel has given me. It is more than physically healing. It's a mind, body and soul healing. I am convinced in the power of Qigong and Jorgen has been instrumental in my self-healing and I am very grateful to him and his teachings of this very powerful healing method."

- Missy (Honolulu, Hawaii)

"Qigong is the energy of the universe. No matter what has happened to us in our lives, there is always potential for positive change and renewal. We can rise above allowing physical ailments to rob us of our freedom of movement. The free flow of energy is always available to us. Let go of tension and anger, and transform rigidity/immobility into flexibility and health. Opening ourselves up to the Eternal Flow, moving and allowing life-force to run through us, can heal and renew. I had a military injury, a compression fracture of a lower vertebrae and a spinal fusion from T12-L4 from a mountain climbing incident. My range of motion, flexibility and physical abilities were all significantly affected. Master Jorgen and Chi-Lel Qigong have given me greater mobility, increased energy levels, better sleep and concentration and a general feeling of wellbeing and has allowed me to regain the ability to engage in activities that I had previously avoided."

James (Aiea, Hawaii)

"I went to see to Jorgen for severe back pain. The kind of pain where I could hardly walk a block and I hurt almost all the time, despite going to psychical therapy and taking medicine. Jorgen helped me first by reducing the pain with Qigong and Reiki energy treatments and relaxation exercises. This was the first step in breaking my cycle of pain - I had forgotten what it was like to feel pain free. Jorgen taught me Qigong and about the effects of energy on my body. He met me where I was in dealing with my pain and the product of my pain. Jorgen is a patient teacher and gifted in healing techniques. I'm back to where I can walk for miles, go to work, and have little pain. Jorgen provided me the great support and pain relief, while giving me tools that remain an important part of my healthy life." 

Trudi (Texas)

"I had amazing experiences from receiving treatments from Jorgen.  The first time I knew that he had started the treatment as I could feel his presence around me, despite it being a long distance Reiki and Qigong healing. It was powerful. He is very kind talking or writing about the treatment afterwards, which I enjoyed. He is very generous with his time and his care. I highly recommend getting treatments from Jorgen." 

- Gitti (Maui)


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